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Birthday Boy!

Royal is one year old! I can't believe it! This year has gone by way to fast. He had 2 birthday parties, one with his Nana and Grandpa Seastrand in Las Vegas, and one with his Sug and Papi in California. One of his favorite presents was his new red wagon. Thanks Nana and Gramps!
He's close to walking and starting to say lots of words. His new favorite thing is milk. Now that he's one we've been giving him whole milk and he guzzles it, always asking for more! His other favorite thing is a ball, he loves throwing and playing with them non stop. My favorite thing is when he rubs my face and arms when he goes to sleep,or wakes up in the morning. It is the sweetest thing and i can't get enough, neither can Sug!
We just had his one year check up and the Doctor said his weight was in the 3%, his head was in the 6%, and his height was in the 12%. I told Jason, that i told the Doctor Royal has a small Dad, Uncles, and Grandpas'. He replied by saying, "Yeah but we're not midgets." We told ourselves he's just a late bloomer. Thats what my mom used to tell me when i would bring home bad grades. Hahaha! We had a good laugh and we love our little man!


The Hunters said...

Happy Birthday buddy! We love you and miss you!

Tristen Ure said...

Your dad is hogging Ro all to himself. He isn't sharing...I'm starting to get mad!

Nathan and Colleen said...

As I recall, didn't Jason wrestle at 98 pounds his Freshman year of high school?